Prominent Features of Exchange OST to PST File Converter

OST to PST Conversion is now insanely easy. With the help of smart OST to PST file Converter tool, users can effortlessly export OST files into PST format. No matter if the files are corrupted or in invalid state. All you need to do is just opt this excellent Exchange OST to PST Converter and perform smooth and flawless OST to PST conversion. You cannot even imagine how difficult it was to convert OST to PST Files format before this advanced OST to PST conversion tool. But now users can export OST to PST without any hassle or difficulty. A wide range of unmatched features is present in this top-end utility to deliver high quality results than any other alternative solution.

Quick OST to PST Converson

Quick and Safe Conversion

The OST to PST conversion can be quickly performed with this excellent Exchange OST to PST Converter Tool. Though the converting process is executed quickly, it doesn't cause any alteration to the integrity of mailbox data. All the action is thoroughly conducted in safe mode.

 Fix corupt OST

Supports Corrupt Files

Stop worrying if your OST files are corrupt! The Outlook OST to PST converter tool is highly efficient to repair corrupt OST files and make them valid in order to perform a successful conversion. It thoroughly scans the corrupt files and restores maximum possible data into a new file of PST format.

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Smart Recovery Modes

To handle corruption, OST to PST File Converter contains three different recovery modes: "Standard mode" to handle minor corruption cases; "Advanced mode" for moderate or severe corruption; and "Deep mode" is recommended when both modes fail to perform recovery as per users’ expectation.

Interactive Preview Pane

Interactive Preview Pane

The Exchange OST To PST Converter software contains an interactive preview feature that allows users to check the recovered data in the preview pane before saving them. It successfully displays the entire mail components. The preview feature is extremely useful during evaluation of the OST to PST File Converter tool.

Open Encrypted OST Files

Opens Encrypted OST Files

OST to PST File Converter being the multi-feature tool has the ability to open encrypted PST files. No matter whether your know the passwords of encrypted Outlook OST files, the tool smartly opens your encrypted OST files and recover corrupted OST files.

Exclusions of Unwanted Data

Exclusions of Unwanted Data

If you don't want some data to be copied then you can easily exclude them. Moreover, this OST to Outlook PST tool allow you to exclude data with the help of Date Range Filter option. Just define the date range from which you want to imports OST files and let the process continues.

Multiple Saving Options

Multiple Saving Options

PST is not the only format in which users can export OST mailbox data. Other than PST, users can save their extracted mailbox data into a new file of MSG, DBX, EML, MBOX and Archive (EML, VCF, ICS and text) formats.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search

Do you have a large number of email messages in your mailbox? Try the advanced search feature of OST to PST Converter Tool and let it search the specific email messages for you. This smart feature will surely save your precious time.

Maintains Meta Data

Maintains Meta Data

Offline OST to PST Software also imports all important data like meta properties of emails such as: (To, Cc, Bcc, Sent data and Attachments) and maintains its original and internal folder structure.

Create Log Report

Maintain Log Report

Once your offline OST files are exported, Software will generate a Log report for the entire conversion process. Along with this users may save this text file for future reference.

Wide Support

Wide Support

The Exchange OST to PST Converter provides wide support for all popular versions of Microsoft Outlook which include Outlook 2016, 2013 , 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP) and 2000.

Compatible OST to PST to Converter

Higher Compatibility

The software is smartly designed to provide high compatibility with all major versions of Windows based operating systems, such as: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP or any earlier version.

Some additional helpful features which are integrated with Exchange OST to PST Converter Tool:

  • The OST to PST file Converter tool can easily recover mailbox data which are accidentally deleted. Also, it supports recovery from the Deleted Items box which has been emptied earlier.
  • If any alignment error is found during the scanning process, the Offline OST to PST Converter successfully fixes it and also handles header related corruption.
  • The export feature of export OST to PST Tool allows users to export all the listed data of selected mailbox folder into an HTML file at user-defined location.
  • Users can also save a log file at user-defined location which contains all the information of file scanning and recovery process.
  • To avoid rescanning of the same OST file, users can save snapshot of the whole scanning process at user-defined location. The saved snapshots can be uploaded when needed in future.


Why OST to PST is needed?

Think you are working in a company where you are using Outlook with an Exchange Server. You leave the company after few months or years. Now you are no longer a part of Exchange Server. The offline storage tables aka OST files cannot be accessed now. Why? The reason is pretty simple. An OST file can only accessed by the same computer and with the same email profile which was configured with Microsoft Exchange Server earlier. As you are no longer connected with Exchange Server, you are unable to open/access the OST file. The only thing you can do here is recovering the mailbox data from OST file by converting it to PST format. Once the OST file is converted in to PST format, MS Outlook can open the file with ease.

The above scenario is pretty common in these days. Outlook users often need to convert their OST files to PST format. Some of the common reasons are discussed below

  • Crash in Exchange Server: Crash in Microsoft Exchange Server is not a strange issue. In fact, it happens frequently. The main causes behind this crash is sudden power failure, virus or bugs attack, software malfunction, etc. In such situation, you are not unable to get connected with Exchange Server. Though you can open your OST files and perform changes over them, but cannot synchronize them to Exchange Server. Therefore, the OST files are of no use.
  • Exchange Server Undergoing Maintenance: Sometimes situations may arise when an Exchange Server is undergoing maintenance. At that point of time, you are not able to access your mailbox data. You have to wait until the maintenance process gets completed. It may take a week or sometimes a month. What will you do if it is necessary to have the access of the mailbox data?
  • Accidental Deletion: Accidental deletion of users’ profiles and their mailboxes from Microsoft Exchange Server is always very frustrating. The deletion of user profile or its mailbox means the user is no longer connected with Exchange Server. The same issue has been discussed earlier.
  • Data Migration: Being a Server administrator, sometimes you may need to migrate the data from one place to another. For example, if your organization is shifting to a new location. Or, you need to move your mailbox data to a different system in an urgent manner.

The only fix for all these problems and issues is OST to PST conversion by some smart Third party OST to PST File Converter. Be it a crashing issue, undergoing maintenance, deletion or migration, you can easily export OST to PST. The PST aka personal storage table is an Outlook data file that can easily store the mailbox data of an OST file in order to access them with MS Outlook. There is no need for a connection with Microsoft Exchange Server. Once you canovert OST files to PST, you can continue working with your mailbox data without facing any issue or problem.


5 Easy Steps to Show The Functionality of OST to PST File Converter

Online Working Tutorial

Having problem during OST to PST conversion? Don't worry! You can take help of the online working tutorial to know how to convert OST To PST files with this best OST to PST Converter Tool. Watch the video tutorial very carefully before you perform the actual OST to PST conversion.

Download Demo Version

The OST to PST File Converter tool can be examined or evaluated with its free version. Users can download the demo version of this tool at free of cost. Demo version works exactly same as the full version does. It will scan the files, extracts the mailbox data and presents their preview in the preview pane. Due to a limitation in free version, users cannot save the recovered data. Therefore, the actual conversion of OST to PST format cannot be performed. You need to place an order for the licensed version to enjoy the full access of this smart Offline OST to PST File Converter without any limitation.

Download Demo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Their Answers

Which recovery mode is best for me?
It all depends on the level of corruption. These recovery modes od OST to PST Converter are designed to handle different level of corruption. For example: if the file has minor corruption issues, then Standard mode will perform an ideal recovery for you. If corruption is moderate or quite severe, you need to select the Advanced mode.Unluckily if both the modes fail to perform recovery as per your expectation, you can select Deep mode which thoroughly recovers the mailbox data from corrupt files. Now you need to decide which mode would best suits you.
Does the software support batch conversion?
No, the OST to PST Converter tool does not support batch conversion. This feature is not included in the tool in order to deliver excellent results in minimum possible time. The OST mailbox size is generally huge. Converting multiple files at a time can hamper the performance of the software.
I have heard about scanost.exe. Is it really effective for corrupt OST files?
The Integrity Check tool aka scanost.exe is provided by Microsoft. It is primarily designed to scan corrupt OST files and diagnose the errors or issues. It might be helpful if corruption is not that severe. If your OST file is corrupt, you must try it once as we also strongly recommend this. But if the scanost.exe fails, then you need to switch to a professional utility which OST to PST Converter tool.
Can I convert my OST files into PST format if they are not in valid state, i.e. corrupted?
Yes, you can convert your corrupt OST files as well. The OST to PST Converter tool is smartly developed to handle corruption in OST files. If your OST file is corrupt, the tool will scan the file thoroughly and recover your maximum possible data from the file. To perform an efficient recovery from the selected file, there are three recovery modes for different level of corruption, i.e. Standard, Advanced and Deep.
I’m using the latest version of Outlook, i.e. 2016. Can I open the PST file created by this tool in my current Outlook program?
It does not matter which Outlook version you are using as this tool provides wide support for all popular versions of Microsoft Outlook including the latest Outlook 2010. The output PST file which is created after OST to PST conversion can be opened/accessed in any Outlook version, i.e. either higher or lower.
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What Client Says About Us

OST to PST File Converter is just a fantastic tool, and well suited for novice users who want to convert OST files to PST format. I’m very amazed with its high-class performance and unmatched features. The Exchange OST to PST File Converter tool is easy-to-use, so any non-technical user can use it with ease. I’ll surely recommend this tool to others who are looking for an easy way to expoert OST to PST Files

- By Bob Juetten

I just loved OST to PST File Converter of SysInfoTools Software. The best feature of this tool is that it supports corrupt files as well. Due to a crash in our Exchange Server, I couldn’t access my mailbox data. I had no other option except exporting my mailbox data into a new PST file. After searching a lot on the Internet, I found many third-party tools. But the tool which impressed me a lot was this Exchange OST to PST Converter. Now I can access my mailbox data with ease. I would like to say thank to the whole team of SysInfoTools Software.

- By Krystyna Levine

Being a Server administrator, it’s my responsibility to help the users. Some of the users left our company last week. I removed their Outlook profiles from the Exchange Server as they were not needed them anymore. To make their mailbox accessible in Outlook, I converted their OST files into PST format with this smart OST to PST Converter tool. Now wherever they are working, they can easily access their mailbox without having any problem. And the credit only goes to this amazing converter utility. I must say, “Nice job SysInfoTools Software”.

- By Mario Sisco

The number one thing I loved about using OST to PST Converter tool is that it helped me get things done the right way. I urgently needed to extract my mailbox data from OST file which was of no use as I left the organization where I was working previously. I couldn’t afford the loss of my mailbox data. As my profile was removed from the Server, I was unable to access any of my data. Finally I got this smart utility for converting OST to PST format. And now I can easily access my mailbox data in MS Outlook without being a part of any Exchange Server.

- By Adolfo Miles

The biggest difference I see among SysInfoTools OST to PST Converter and other converter tools is the ultra-fast performance and smart GUI. The tool is extremely intuitive and the support offered you to buy that Software is the best I’ve ever worked with. According to me, it’s the best way to export OST to PST format without causing any alteration to the mailbox data.

- By Patrick Sanchez